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Best Air Conditioning Brands for Your House or Commercial Establishment in Chilliwack, BC

Chilliwack Heating Ltd. is your source of air conditioning in Fraser Valley and around. Fight off the summer heat with a new air conditioner. By installing a new AC system, you can keep your home at a cool, breezy temperature throughout the summer months. We understand that all homes are not created equally, yet it is our concentrated effort to provide a complete and varied line of effective, efficient, and affordable air conditioners.


Irrespective of which model you choose for your home or office, you will enjoy the quiet, undistrubed cooling from the first time that you turn it on. You can expect comfort and savings for years to come, with the best and latest in air conditioning technology that’s built and tested for long lasting operation.   


Choose between single stage and two stage operating ACs to take comfort, and efficiency to a new level.

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Our ACs come in the following brands:

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