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Enjoy Savings With Efficient Hot Water Tanks in Chilliwack, BC

Storage tank water heaters can supply enough hot water for multiple, simultaneous uses in the household. Our brands are ENERGY STAR® qualified, with flexible operating modes and quiet operation. 


We stock storage tanks for any commercial application where a high demand of water is required and to work alongside large volume water heaters. Our durable stock tanks come in a large variety of capacities in jacketed and unjacketed (with or without top coating) models, or can be customized to your needs. Vitraglas®, Double Vitraglas® and epoxy linings, and stainless steel tanks are available for superior corrosion protection and our tanks are designed for storage of potable water up to 180°F, which are ASME tested and certified to 125 psi. 


Choose a hot water tank that is professional, highly efficient, and equipped with a flammable vapor detection system, for long lasting durability. 

Check out the brands available with us below and click the links to find out more.

Hot Water Tanks for Homes and Offices in Chilliwack

Call us for customized hot water tank solutions today!

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