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Making S’mores in Chilliwack Becomes a Cherished Memory With Our Patio Flames

Take your backyard to the next level with outdoor patio flames. From sleek and modern fire bowls to traditional stone fire pits, our store carries a variety of designs for you to choose from. With outdoor patio flames, you and your family can make s’mores in your backyard as often as you’d like, making your backyard a perfect place for family bonding. 

Patio flames can add a unique visual aesthetic to your outdoor living space. Our patio flames are easy to operate with a simple start and stop system. Each patio flame bowl is designed to exhibit unique aesthetic and functional qualities. Get them for your property today!


Our company is proud to carry many of the top leading brands:

Barbara Jean Collection

Stay Warm Outdoors

Call us to install patio flame bowls for your home.

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