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Fraser Valley’s Source for Above Ground Pools

Transform your backyard into an oasis with an above ground pool. At Chilliwack Heating Ltd. & JC Fireplaces and Spas, we have a collection of swimming pools that can easily be installed in your backyard without breaking the bank. With a showroom in Chilliwack, we’ve had plenty of clients from the Fraser Valley, and from Langley to Hope.


We offer sturdy pool construction using materials like steel, vinyl, resin, and much more. We are known for using innovative materials, functional product design, efficient packaging, and eye-catching patterns in both liners and walls.

Why Choose Our Above Ground Pools?

Looking to relax on a hot summer day? We can install an outdoor swimming pool in your backyard for your family and friends to enjoy. Additionally, we take care of the environment and ensure that natural resources are used wisely and sparingly. As a result, we use the latest and most eco-friendly machinery and pool equipment, helping us to minimize our consumption of both electricity and water. 

We cover a variety of brands for your home pool needs. Read on to know about our brands.

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Make your Backyard a Pool Paradise

Let us make your pool dreams come true.

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