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Seasoned Experts for Your Home or Office AC Repairs in Chilliwack, BC

When a malfunction occurs in your cooling unit, think of the seasoned experts at Chilliwack Heating Ltd. to fix your problem. We will help you decide the best course of action to repair or to replace your existing unit by making a thorough diagnosis of your system, followed by a professional recommendation. We promote the repair and servicing of cooling units when the cost of repair is less than one-third the cost of replacement, if the unit is less than ten years old and the unit is still under warranty. 


Our professional service and repairs have provided comfort to hundreds of homes in Chilliwack. Trust us to handle repair and servicing of your most used home and office appliances and we will leave them running like new again.

Our Cooling Experts Can Handle the Job

Reach out to us for quality repairs and service.

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